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The Lower Guadalupe River is the southernmost trout fishery in North America.  It is a tailwater fishery emerging from the bottom of Canyon Lake.  Canyon Lake is up to 200 feet deep in some places, and harbors a cold water layer giving the rainbows a chance to live through the harsh Texas summers.  Full-sized rainbow trout (13-18 inches) are stocked by Trout Unlimited and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  They are a heat tolerant strain reared in Missouri.  The Guadalupe River Chapter (GRTU) of Trout Unlimited is the largest in the world.  Expedition Outfitters supports the efforts of GRTU with donations of equipment, guided trips, and volunteer activities.  Please help support the efforts of GRTU by joining and volunteering.  
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Available Packages...Raft Float Trip

Choose a fly fishing float trip aboard a 14 foot custom whitewater raft.  It has seats with backrests, and hard casting platforms for the anglers fore and aft.  The guide sits in the center and rows the raft.  A day trip covers approximately 3.5 to 6 miles of the most productive water in the trophy trout regulation section.  A day trip is 7-9 hours, a half day trip is 4-5 hours duration      All Trips, Catch and Release Only.  You will float past 500 foot limestone cliffs, and enjoy shaded pecan tree and cypress tree canopies.  Enjoy the opportunity to see native wildlife including whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkeys, osprey, red tail hawks and others.  All equipment, lunch, drinks and instruction included.  

Half Day Trip $350...Full Day Trip $500.00, up to 2 people
(not per person).  Groups up to 10 by special arrangement.
Call: 210-602-9284, or email: 
to reserve your special dates.
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The San Marcos River begins within the city limits of San Marcos gushing from large springs.  The water is crystal clear and near 72 degrees year round.  It is fed directly by the Edwards Aquifer.  This very spot is the most continually inhabited area in North America.  There is paleo evidence dating back over 10,000 years.  The spring flow fluctuates with the level of the aquifer.  There are endangered species of plants and wildlife that exist nowhere else on earth.  It is a prime fishery and a great place to swim and snorkel.  The San Marcos River trends eastward crossing Interstate 35 on its course to join the Guadalupe River near the town of
Gonzales.  It meanders through rural farm and ranch country classified as black land prairie. There arurban sections punctuated with riverside homes and ranchettes.  Most of the float is protected by a tree shaded canopy, of cypress, pecan, oak and willow trees.  Parts of the bank are covered in tropical vegetation, including native palmetto palm trees and Texas wild rice.
Float Trips:
We float the upper and lower San Marcos.  
The upper stretch is within the city limits and harbors good bass fishing.  The lower stretch is more scenic with less fishing pressure.  Longer distances are covered on the lower part of the river, but it has quite a few oxygenated riffles and runs.  There are class I-II rapids at certain flows.  The smallmouth generally hold in the moving water and the largemouth are generally found in the still pools.  Our float trips are aboard a customized 14 foot whitewater raft.  There are casting platforms fore and aft for the fishers to stand on.  The guide sits in the center of the boat and rows.  Our trips include all instruction, equipment, lunch and drinks.
Day trips are7-9 hours duration, Half Day trips are 4-5 hours duration.  
Cost: $500.00 per day (up to 2 people),
Half day trip: $350.00
Groups up to 10 by special arrangement.
All trips catch and release.
Call: 210-602-9284 or, 
kevinstu@msn.com to reserve your trip.

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